Thursday, October 1

Big-headed Art

About a year ago, as I was gazing out the window of a coach whilst heading down the M62, I saw what I thought was a giant white head on a hill gazing right back at me. And then it was gone, we'd passed, and I had no idea what, why and even IF it was there. But of course, it was. I look out for it each time I pass, and it literally is a huge sculpture of a head. It wasn't until I was watching Channel 4's Big Art programme that I discovered the 20 metres high 'Dream' was designed by Jaume Plensa. It takes the form of the head of a girl with her eyes closed, in a seemingly dream-like state. The artist intended the sculpture to represent looking towards a brighter future and creating a beautiful place on what was a former spoiler heap.

I think the piece is highly inspirational and the 'brighter future' is well-represented as Dream pays no attention to the relics of heavy industry around - or beneath - her. Her zen-like meditation will remain no matter what.

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